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Whether you're using it to protect jewelry, guns or any other type of valuable objects from theft or damage, a safe is your go-to source when it comes to security tools. One of the most efficient ways of preventing unauthorized access to your safe is resetting its combination on a regular basis.

To perform the reset, you first need to identify the type of safe that you have and follow specific steps to ensure a successful system reset. Whether you need to perform a secure vault gun safe reset or change the combination to your book safe with combination lock instructions, you'll need to have the factory code as well as your own personal code at hand.

Although not very frequent, hotel room safe theft does happen. When you forget your code or if there is a malfunction to the safe, the hotel staff can use a special digital code key or another type of electronic device to open the safe for you. Hotel safes can also be opened using only a simple pocket tool and a short length of wire. There's no way to tell if the safe door has been opened, as it automatically locks itself after the contents have been taken away.

Apart from bringing your own portable safe to the hotel, you can use secondary locks that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your in-room safe. The first thing you will need to do is make sure the safe door is already open and you have access to the user and factory codes, which you can find on the first page of the safe's handbook.

Generally, on the keypad you'll notice a programming button. This button will delete your old combination and allow you to change it as needed.

Usually, the next step is to re-enter your factory code in order for the new combination to be accepted. Then, enter the new combination code and complete the process by shutting the safe door.

Now you should be all set, and your safe will be reset. Write down your combination in a secure place if you think you might forget it. Think of a place nobody ever goes and put it there. Be sure to never give your Homdox safe reset code — or any other reset code — to anyone whom you can't trust long term.

However, in the event that you do give it out and immediately regret it, you don't have to completely ditch it and buy a new safe. You can reset your safe code as many times as you want, and you are not required to wait a certain amount of time before changing it again. Heather Burdo is a seasoned writer with six years of experience, including home improvement topics.

Her passion is helping homeowners with tips and tricks through content. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. How to Reset A Safe Combination. Share this article. Heather Burdo. Connect on LinkedIn. Show Comments.Electronic digital safes can keep your valuables behind a numerical lock to protect them from burglary and fire. These safes work on the same principle as dial combination locks do, but make it easier to enter a code.

Electronic digital safes come in all shapes and sizes, from large industrial safes to small portable safes.

forgot safe code

Enter your code on the keypad located on the front of the safe. Some electronic digital safes require you to input a special character like " " before and after your code. Turn the handle to the right within five seconds of correctly entering the code.

Lost Your Key or Combination?

If you wait too long, the safe will lock and you will have to enter your code again. Open the safe with a key. Use your emergency key that came with the safe to open it if you forgot the code or if the batteries have died. Remove the key cover from either the handle or the control panel to reveal the lock.

Place the electronic digital safe into code reset mode. Other safes require you to open them and press a small red button on the inside of the door. Enter your new code on the keypad and press " " to finish.

If the safe requires it, enter the new code again to confirm that you entered it correctly. Replace the used batteries with new ones. For most safes, this will require two or four AA batteries. Test the batteries. Use your code while the door is open to test the batteries before closing the safe. Shawn McClain has spent over 15 years as a journalist covering technology, business, culture and the arts. He has published numerous articles in both national and local publications, and online at various websites.

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forgot safe code

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. An electronic digital safe is easy to operate. Step 1 Enter your code on the keypad located on the front of the safe. Step 2 Turn the handle to the right within five seconds of correctly entering the code.

Step 3 Open the safe with a key. Step 1 Enter your code to open the safe. Step 2 Place the electronic digital safe into code reset mode. Step 3 Enter your new code on the keypad and press " " to finish. Step 1 Use your code to open the electronic digital safe's door.

Step 2 Locate and remove the battery cover on the inside of the door. Step 3 Replace the used batteries with new ones. Step 4 Test the batteries. Share this article. Shawn McClain. Show Comments.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

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forgot safe code

Updated: March 29, References. If you've forgotten the combination to your safe, resorting to a professional locksmith could cost a lot of money, while forcing your way through could ruin both tools and safe. Cracking the combination yourself takes a great deal of patience and effort, but you are rewarded with a full wallet, an undamaged safe, and a sense of satisfaction. The highly detailed steps in this article can also provide fantastic details for any writers of fiction wishing to include a dramatic safe cracking scene in their work.

Read on from step one to found out how to open a safe you have permission to crack or a fictional one! To crack a safe, start by using a stethoscope to listen to the safe as you turn the dial, which will help you determine how many numbers are in the combination.

Then, continue to rotate the dial and write down the numbers it lands on whenever you hear 2 clicks close to each other. Plot these numbers on a graph so the first clicks are on one line and the second clicks are on another. Once you've plotted your graph, look for the points where the y-values converge and use those numbers to try to open the safe.

Lost Your Key or Combination?

To learn how to test your results to see if they're the right combination, scroll down! Did this summary help you?

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Searching for the Combination Numbers.I had a very nice big safe given to me, but no combination and it was full of valuable items. So with a LOT of help we loaded it into a truck and drove it to a locksmith. He could not open it. I took it back home. I asked my neighbor to help me unload it. That is what we did and we could open the safe from the inside.

A new plate was welded on and a bit of paint she is just like new. Answer 10 years ago.

I wouldn't suggest that, as he would have to try combinations, and that's if its a cheap safe and only has 3 numbers. Maybe Rotten knows the combination!! Seriously, I have opened a lock like this that had a 4-digit combination. It took a while, something like trys You'd have to be pretty unlucky to try all I'd try some common guesses first, like '', the address of the building, birthdays of owner, spouse, kids, repeating digits, phone nums, sequences, key numbers backwards, etc When that didn't work, I'd go, etc The safe will open eventually with no damage for free.

Depending on how long it takes per try, it might take months, but it is time you have. If you could open it without the combo, it wouldn't be much of a safe, would it? If you're ready to pay, hire a locksmith. Cheap department-store "safes" are often simply destroyed since they cost less to replace than to repair.

Well can you post a picture or something?Now it seems like so many things in our lives require a password, a PIN or other type of code.

And of course, this includes electronic keypad locks for gun safes. With all these secret codes, it's no surprise how easy it is to forget your email password or lose your safe's combination code.

But what happens if you forget your safe's lock combination code or misplace its key? Depending on the type of lock that came with your Liberty Safe, you have a few options. You cannot simply call your dealer and ask for your safe's combination or key. If you attempt to do that without previously registering your safe after purchasing it, you're very likely to be disappointed with the answer you'll receive when you call.

Liberty Safe's policy isn't to give out combinations or keys to safes that have not been registered.

How to Open My Safe If I Forgot the Combination

This policy protects you and our other customers from theft because anyone could call us and claim to be you. Registering your safe online serves multiple purposes.

First, it's the quickest and easiest way to activate your safe's warranty. You don't have to worry about sending your warranty card and worrying if it will get lost in the mail or that someone could get unauthorized access of your safe's serial number. After registering your safe online, Liberty Safe will email you a copy of your warranty. But most importantly, you are creating a record of ownership that we can refer to if you ever lose your combination or key.

After registering your safe, the next step is to enter your safe lock combination into our online Combo Vault. This free online tool remembers your code, in case you forget your safe's lock combination.

All you need to do is create an account and enter your combination code into our completely secure tool. Your combination is stored through a special encrypted program where only you have access to the information that you enter in it.

This combination storage system uses SSL encryption, in addition to proprietary security systems and other methods that ensure your data is kept secure. If you haven't registered your safe with us or stored your combination code in our combo vault, you'll need to go through our combo request process. Once we receive your completed and notarized form and payment, you'll be provided with your combination via fax or email within three to five business days.

If you need immediate access to your safe's combination, you'll need to hire a certified locksmith. However, you must contact Liberty Safe first and have the locksmith contact us, too.

Failure to do so will void your safe and safe lock warranties. Toggle navigation. Find A Dealer Go. Find A Dealer: Go.

The Easiest and Best-Case Scenario You cannot simply call your dealer and ask for your safe's combination or key. Our Free and Secure Combo Vault After registering your safe, the next step is to enter your safe lock combination into our online Combo Vault.

Filling Out a Combo Request Form If you haven't registered your safe with us or stored your combination code in our combo vault, you'll need to go through our combo request process.A safe can be an important tool to protect your valuables and keep your belongings, especially if you have large amounts of money or important documents to store.

forgot safe code

However, if you forgot the combination to your safe and cannot open it, your safe becomes far less useful. Without the combination, you have several options for opening your safe. Call the safe company. Some company customer service departments will give you your combination based on the serial number and your proof of ownership.

You may need to provide a notarized letter stating that you are the owner of the safe. The next time you buy a safe, register your ownership immediately with the company so that you can immediately retrieve your combination without the hassle of a notarized letter. Call a locksmith. If you do not have proof of purchase—for example, if the safe is too old, or if you were not the one who bought it—you will not be able to get the combination from the company.

A locksmith can help you with combination safes, especially if the combination is only a couple of numbers. Some safe combinations have as many as six numbers, making them more difficult to crack. Try more drastic measures.

If neither the safe company nor the locksmith can help, you might try destroying the safe to get it open.

Kidde KeySafe Hack

This can involve using a drill at the correct angle, which will vary by safe, using an ax to take off the door, or even using dynamite. Use proper safety procedures, such as working outside, wearing safety goggles, and soliciting professional advice, and realize that such procedures will damage your safe and may damage the property inside if not done carefully. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Image Credit: PhotoObjects.

Step 1. Call the Safe company. Step 2. Locksmiths carry many keys and may be able to help. Step 3. Trying to open a safe. Share this article. Show Comments.If you fail to write down the combination to a safe or if you lose the paper on which you jotted it down, you find yourself in a situation in which you need to open the safe even though you do not have the combination.

You are not alone. This phenomenon happens so frequently that safe manufacturers manufacture safes with built-in methods of opening the devices without the combination, and they usually give the safe owner an emergency key. Once you have the safe open, you may once again access your valuables. Remove the battery panel of your electronic-combination panel. Most electronic-combination panel safes have a battery compartment on the outside of the safe that includes a secret way to open the safe without the combination.

Grab hold of the combination panel and slide it off the safe. Take the batteries out of the safe. Locate the emergency key hole underneath the batteries on the safe. This is where many safe manufactures hide the spot where you can free your valuables from confinement. Place your emergency safe key in the key hole.

Turn the key slightly until you can't turn it any farther. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below. By: Contributor Updated January 09, Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.

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