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They make more of a difference than one might expect from simple elastic bands. Knee wraps are used to provide support and rebound for lifters during squats. Not surprisingly given this boost, knee wraps can only be worn in equipped competitions ; you cannot wear them when competing raw. For reference, by IPF standards knee wraps can be no wider than 8 centimeters and no longer than 2 meters.

pioneer knee wraps review

Continue reading after the table for details on all IPF approved knee wraps. Our focus for the remainder of this article will be on powerlifitng knee wraps that are on the IPF approved list as they provide the most versatility in being able to be used in training and competition. They are available on Amazon, usually with Prime. These wraps are a popular choice amongst powerlifters for several reasons.

First of all they are designed to be tight and to provide maximum rebound, exactly what lifters are looking for in wraps. Nearly all IPF approved Inzer wraps are intended for experienced lifters. The one exception are the less-intense W30 Red Line Knee Wraps that are made for beginner to intermediate lifters. All Inzer knee wraps are available for purchase on their website. While there is substantial positive feedback for the performance of these wraps, they are more expensive than other options.

They can also be more difficult to get due to being manufactured exclusively in the UK and only being available to certain markets.

The Titan Signature Gold Series wraps are commonly used and highly praised. They are the most supportive wrap made by Titan to provide some serious pop. Be aware that these wraps are extremely tight and made to be used by experienced lifters.

On the other hand, the Titan Red Devil Knee Wraps are less restrictive and are recommended for beginner to intermediate lifters. Be aware that at times the 2 meter option is out of stock and the 2. It can also take between 2 and 3 weeks for these wraps to be delivered after you place your order.

Pioneer Phantom Wrist Wraps

Powerlifting Gear And Equipment Reviews. Articles Forums. Comparing Powerlifting Knee Wraps. An Overview Of IPF Approved Powerlifting Knee Wraps Our focus for the remainder of this article will be on powerlifitng knee wraps that are on the IPF approved list as they provide the most versatility in being able to be used in training and competition. All of the following knee wraps are valid for IPF competitions until at least December 31, So you've decided to start barbell training and heard that using a weightlifting belt can help.

With several manufacturers out there, which should you choose? If you're searching for the ultimate in customization, look no further than Pioneer Powerlifting by General Leather Craft.

Of all the belt companies out there, Pioneer Powerlifting is one of the most respected names in the sport. Started in Nebraska intheir main focus was creating products to support people in the industrial sector as back injuries were on the rise. They expanded into the fitness industry and increased the number of product lines.

Today they are located in central Texas and as a trusted partner, make private labeled products for several companies.

Most belts have holes that are one inch apart but by drilling two sets of holes offset, this allows the wearer to have half-inch adjustments through the entire range of sizing. This is very helpful because just like a regular belt, one inch might not be specific enough and some movements like the deadlift may require a looser but snug fit.

Functionally, I found this to be the most exciting part of Pioneer's lineup. Men of modest height should opt for a three-inch belt that way it sits nicely above the hip and below the ribs.

For this design, I went with a single piece of leather at 7mm thick but adding suede to both sides increased it to 10mm. According to their site, this thickness tends to be their best seller and receives the best feedback from customers. I would agree. Old school belts do not have suede, but I believe there is some added grip to your body when it's installed on the inside.

Some belts are also very uncomfortable and take many uses to break in, but this guy felt like a glove from the very beginning. When putting it to the test, the belt performed well on all lifts. With a thinner strip of leather and the softness of suede, I found the belt to have some flex. It was not my favorite for squats but it was far more comfortable than any other belt I've tried on the deadlift.

The half-inch adjustment is also clutch in the event you lift after a big meal or trim that waistline with a lean diet. Okay, so the function of this belt is excellent but the fashion is on another planet. The exterior designs I chose were inspired by my favorite author, Nassim Taleb. He's an avid deadlifter and wrote the introduction to The Barbell Prescriptiona must-read for people of all ages. I threw my last name on the inside for the final level of personalization. After visiting their site, it was hard to believe that a company could offer so many options for something as simple as a weight lifting belt.

The only thing Pioneer lacks is speed. Because each one of their belts is handcrafted one by one, it takes anywhere from weeks from order to delivery.

Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer

If you need a belt ASAP, this probably won't be your best option.Mike McTier — March 9, Best freaking wraps MADE!!!! Thicker then the Silver Beasts but have more stretch to them!! Jason Painter — April 2, Every time I use my Phantom wraps I love them more! They may seem a little stiff the first time you put them on but they break in after a few uses.

Great stretch so you can really cinch them in for a cast like feel. Love them for bench press and OHP movements. Highly recommended!! Jason K verified owner — April 11, Straight out the package the phantom wraps were stiff but broke in nice after a few uses, casting is very comparable to the previous raptor wraps i owned, but much more comfortable. They were not as comfortable as my old gangsta wraps but the phantom wraps still provided a lot more support. Andrew perez verified owner — September 7, Keep up the great work!!

Devante — December 3, Delia Steele — March 20, I have a TFCC tear in my left wrist which I get cortisone injections for just to be able to turn a door knob, let alone bench press. I prefer my phantoms for everything heavy but if I had to say they were close to another wrap out there that would be my best guess.

I still prefer my phantoms though. Thinking my next purchase will be the black and blue knee wraps. The phantom wraps scare me as I am just starting out in wraps always been a sleeves girl. Jeremy verified owner — April 6, These wraps are great! Super supportive without having to crank them down although you can if you want to.

pioneer knee wraps review

Awesome wraps! Matt verified owner — June 23, Been using them for a couple months, will be snagging a back up pair mainly for comp use shortly. Hands down the best wrist wraps I have ever used. The more time I spend in them the more I love them.Pioneer Phantom Knee Wraps available in 2m, 2. To judge the stretch of an elastic, we took a 12? This elastic stretches to 26? Pioneer Phantom Knee Wraps 2m, 2. Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here.

Part Number: phantomkw. Availability: Usually Ships in 1 business day. Availability will appear with each option selection Choose Options. Length 2m pair 2.

pioneer knee wraps review

Put me on the Waiting List. Rating Snapshot Select a row below to filter reviews. Average Customer Ratings 4. Pioneer Phantom knee wraps 2. First impression is they are very, very stiff coming out of the package comparing to the various pairs of red Slingshots I've been using for the last four odd years.

pioneer knee wraps review

On the roller definitely don't stretch easily while you're rolling them, but there's room to pre stretch them with a bit of effort. When it comes to wrapping they are easy to wrap, which comes as a real surprise given their stiffness.

They don't fight you at all or try to unravel. How hard you can crank them definitely seems to be down to how well you pre stretch them though. It won't be easy to stretch them while wrapping if you self wrap, and if you're wrapping someone else it'll just make life harder than it needs to be.

Once on they are comfortable, and even wrapped relatively loosely they give very good rebound as well as a nice cast. If you crank them down, chances are you'll need to push into them some to get depth but they'll throw you back up nicely. Definitely a nice pair of wraps if you liked the original red Slingshots.

I'll be getting a second pair for sure. Make sure to get them from LiftingLarge too. Did you find this helpful? Reward Points. Related Items. Quick View. Select Options. Blue Crusher 2 ply Knee or Elbow Sleeves. White Crusher 2 ply Knee or Elbow Sleeves. Add To Cart. Browse Similar Items.

Get Our Email Deals! Sign up for offers, new product alerts. Mailing List. The email you entered isn't valid. You subscribed successfully. You're unsubscribed.Investing in a pair of quality knee sleeves and wraps can be beneficial in a number of ways.

The best knee sleeves and wraps serve the same purpose, but work in slightly different ways. Compression sleeves simply slide up your leg to form a tight, stable fit around the knee and nearby muscles and joints. Wraps do just what the name suggests; you wrap them around your knee to get your custom fit. Using sleeves and wraps have plenty of advantages.

In addition to providing support in the knee area, they also promote muscle and joint health, help prevent injury, relieve pain and stiffness, and aid in post-workout muscle recovery. The first set of sleeves on the list are from Nordic Lifting. They are 7mm thick neoprene and are compression, which helps prevent injury and promote quick muscle recovery. The pair of sleeves are unisex and come in sizes extra small to 2XL with 1-year replacement guarantee.

Ideal for squats and leg presses, Nordic Lifting sleeves retain heat to aid in reducing muscle and joint stiffness and pain. They slide on easily for a secure, yet comfortable, fit and will allow a full range of motion so there will be no limitations on any of your lifts. Find more Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves information and reviews here. The Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves can be used for a variety of activities and are very effective for weightlifting.

Made of durable neoprene, they are available in 2 thicknesses — 5mm and 7mm. The compression sleeves offer maximum support and comfort and are perfect for the athlete who squats, power cleans, and leg presses. The sleeves will retain heat to get your muscles warmed up quicker while helping to prevent injury.

Find more Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves information and reviews here. Protect and support your knees while maximizing your lifting performance with the compression sleeves from ProFitness. Constructed of 7mm thick durable and comfortable neoprene with reinforced stitching, ProFitness designed their sleeves to provide excellent comfort and full range of motion on all your lifts, including squats. Available in 4 colors — Black, Blue, Red, and Gray — they are available in sizes medium through XXL and are suitable for both men and women.

They come in a pair and include a 1-year warranty upon purchase and a convenient carrying bag. Find more ProFitness Knee Sleeves information and reviews here. Video Video related to profitness knee sleeves T Maximize performance, stay safe and supported, and recover quicker with the Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeves.Brock Williams verified owner — July 18, I owned a pair of lillie bridge wraps but everyone one was talking about these phantoms and let me tell you they DESTROY any other knee wrap out there!!

Well done Pioneer! Craig verified owner — July 24, Bought these in 2. They took a while to break in, but now that they are, I love them. Extremely heavy for a ton of support and stopping power. Brad verified owner — May 15, Love these wraps, have been my go to for over a year now. Most recently squatted lbs, easy. However, just bough a new pair, and seems like one has less material than the other.

Review Update: Titan Max RPM vs Pioneer Phantom

Getting 7 revs from one, 8 revs from the other. Probably will be ordering another pair over the 4th of Jul too. Maybe try the convicts. Why not. Aaron verified owner — February 28, Your email address will not be published. Follow Follow Follow Follow. Pioneer Phantom Knee Wraps.

Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer

Rated 4. Wrap Length Choose an option 2m 2. Would you like to add an embroidered message to each of your wraps? No Yes.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Build Your own home gym here. Notify me when back in stock. Introducing the newest wrap in the Pioneer line, the Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer took months of preparation and consultation with the Lilliebridge family to bring to the market.

They were designed with functionality, strength, and support in mind to provide the best and newest wrap available.

These wraps are thick, strong, yet comfortable enough to use if you are a novice lifter or a world record holder. The aspect you will notice with these knee wraps is the rebound. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Your Cart You have no items in your shopping cart.

New Items Bands Strength Equipment. Typically ships in 1 business day. Specs Strength Heavy. Qty Add to Cart -OR. Details Reviews. Write A Review. Related Products. Sign up for the Latest News and Offers. Order Online or Call or All right reserved. We are not EliteFitness. Close Close Size Chart.

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