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By Daily Mail Reporter. One misquote from an early Disney film has become so ingrained in cinema lore that it was used as the title of another movie. Scroll down for videos of how the lines were actually said.

However, Snow White's evil stepmother Queen Grimhilde actually says something else entirely. The correct line is: 'No. I am your father'. Misquote: ' Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. Line: ' Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

Line: 'If you build it, he will come. Misquote : ' Luke, I am your father. Line: 'No. I am your father. Misquote: ' Do you feel lucky, punk? Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? Which might be a good question to ask yourself the next time you feel inclined to quote from your favorite movie script.

toto today lucky number

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Read more: 'Luke, I am your Share or comment on this article: 'Do you feel lucky, punk? Most watched News videos Thai MP slashes his wrist in anti-government protest in parliament Kate Middleton talks about William cooking her Bolognese Off-duty police worker in Worthing crashes into pensioner on bike Hair-raising moment police intercept 'drunk' driver of a white van 'Doesn't exist': Durham councillor claims Covid is 'a fake virus' Shocking moment two young children are locked up in a metal cage Man loses control and crashes car into gate in TikTok clip Jewish men get shoved by BLM after trying to show solidarity Nice Mayor speaks to police near scene of terror attack at church Mass brawl erupts in Burger King as 'hammer-wielding' yobs fight Nigel Farage at Arizona rally: 'Trump is bravest man in the world' George Eustice: At some point a vaccine will be the answer.

Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. How THIS online store has got your new season looks sorted! Maya Hawke returns to Stranger Things set Jones spotted as he leaves his house to watch firefighters extinguish blaze right near his LA home. Today's headlines Most Read Pictured: Tunisian migrant Islamist terrorist, 21, who beheaded woman and killed two more Catholics in Nice Leeds and West Yorkshire go into Tier 3: Ten million people under the strictest Covid restrictions asThat volume had been gradually but steadily growing untilwhen the growth of rPET appears to have flat-lined.

Understanding the causes for the apparent loss of momentum requires examination of the fundamental market conditions driving PET supply and demand, as well as the forces created by changing raw materials markets. In short, virgin PET prices have been driven down by a series of developments: competition boosted by domestic overcapacity, flattening of demand, pressure from lower cost imports and plummeting raw material prices.

The North American market is mature, with the highest direct PET consumption per capita of any region in the world. Mexico and the U. The strongest periods of growth for PET in North America took place when PET gained market share at the expense of glass and aluminum in the carbonated soft drink CSD industry, followed by the replacement of glass in food and liquor containers, the emergence of the single-serve market for CSDs and, finally, the explosion of the bottled-water market.

All of these substitutions have pretty much come to an end, and in some cases reverted back to other materials for marketing reasons think aluminum cans for flavored sparkling watermaking PET a victim of its own success.

Demand in one key segment also has languished: CSD. Years of negative press coverage on the health impacts of sugared and diet beverages appear to have changed consumer preferences, with CSDs showing losses for the last 10 years—and was no exception. Over the past 12 months, U. The bottom line is that PET will grow, slowly, from an overall increase in the North American population, as well as from growth in bottled water and from some conversions from glass in packaging.

The North American market has been structurally long capacity exceeding domestic demand since the mids, meaning North America does not need imports to meet its demand requirements. Oversupply meant increased competition among producers for market share, and that led to steady price erosion, which was good for PET demand but began depressing the price premium for virgin PET over recycled resin.

The industry responded to margin pressure not by rationalizing surplus capacity but by consolidating ownership. Sincethe number of virgin PET producers has shrunk from eight to four, but the production capacity actually has grown and is due to expand again this year with the startup of a very large PET unit in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Making matters worse, every region of the globe has overbuilt, with Asia carrying a marginally larger portion of the overburden. The world currently has about 30 percent more virgin PET capacity than demand suggests is needed. The story that developed in an environment of oversupply and weak demand growth was one of eroding prices for virgin PET from to In response, buyers expected similar price reductions for rPET.

toto today lucky number

The observations over time by IHS Markit, augmented by conversations with market participants, led us to consider the fundamental relationships between costs and prices for virgin PET resin and rPET, based on objectively identifiable markers.

The implication is that there is an approximate price at which a buyer is indifferent between purchasing rPET and virgin, considering factors such as scrap rates, equipment utilization, corporate sustainability and recycled-content goals.

In other words, there is a point at which a buyer will prefer one resin or the other and alter his or her purchase patterns. Based on analysis of the data, the critical price point appeared to be a spread of approximately 50 cents per pound between the market price for virgin PET and that of baled PET bottles, curbside.

At that point, recyclers needed to reduce their prices or risk losing volume. Since the costs are fairly fixed to clean and upgrade recycled bottles to the minimum required intrinsic viscosity IV and to meet Food and Drug Administration FDA standards for a No Objection Letter, the easiest way to retain profitability is lower raw material prices.

The raw material for the rPET industry is baled bottles, and curbside bottle pricing fell from averages in the mid cents per pound in to less than 20 cents per pound by earlya decline of more than 40 percent in a short time. The story does not end there, and only gets worse when looking at raw materials.

In Asia, companies also overinvested in capacity for purified terephthalic acid PTA into the extent that those units have been running at only about 75 percent of capacity. Imports of virgin PET into the U. Finally, the unexpected collapse of global crude oil prices sincewhile an economic benefit in many ways, intensified the downward pressure on PET prices.

Falling crude prices steadily lowered the cash cost of production for both chemical intermediates and, in the highly charged competitive environment, those lower costs were quickly transferred downstream to PET buyers in the form of lower PET prices.

Faced with falling prices for PET, the recycling market had only one source of relief to remain cost competitive, which was paying ever lower prices for recovered containers. Over the course of andthose prices fell steadily, and by early the curbside prices for baled bottles fell below 10 cents per pound. The report, issued by the National Association for PET Container Resources in conjunction with the Association of Plastic Recyclers, further concluded that the decrease in collection volumes in appears to be the result of a drop in PET collected curbside.

At this time, the prices for recycled bottles are very close to the cost of collection and sorting, so the incentive to collect and process PET is quite low. There are still reasonable prospects for the recovery of demand for recycled PET, promoted by growing consumer preference for recycled polymer content and sustainability-driven marketing efforts, but it appears that a rebound prompted by higher virgin prices may take a year or more, at least.

The competitive pressures holding down the prices of virgin PET resin are not expected to abate rapidly, so the dynamic that encourages virgin consumption in favor of rPET will persist. Furthermore, paraxylene PXPTA and MEG supplies will be abundant, with capacity increases expected to outpace demand over the next few years, which will tend to hold prices down.But what is it that makes pizza from Italy so special, and where do you find the very best?

Naples is, of course, the hub of the pizza napoletana Neapolitan pizzawith generations of the same family groomed in the art of being a pizzaiolo pizzamaker. Pizza is said to have originated in the city in the s, after explorers brought one of the essential ingredients, the tomato, from Peru. Following the unification of the countrybaker Raffaele Esposito was credited, inwith inventing the now ubiquitous Margherita pizza in honour of the visit of Queen Margherita di Savoia, the wife of King Umberto the I, to the city.

The colours of the Italian flag were mirrored in the ingredients: tomatoes for red; cheese for white; and basil for green. And thus, the iconic pizza was born. Today, there are more than pizzerias in Naples, but only a fifth of them are certified by the True Neapolitan Pizza Associationan organisation that was created in to protect and distinguish the authentic pies from the wannabees. Its criteria is based not only on the ingredients that go into the pie — including everything from the type of flour in the dough to the provenance of the cheese — but also the preparation, from the dough fermentation style to oven temperature.

The association now even holds an annual contest to judge which pizza makers are the best in the world.

Rosanna (song)

Franco Pepe from Pepe in Grani has won the last three years in a row. Pizza makers like Pepe have achieved a kind of rock-star status in Italy nowadays, but the work is quite physically exhausting, with a great attention given to seemingly simple methods. His Naples location was bombed last yearbut ever determined, he has since reopened. The dough must be rolled by hand or with a slow speed mixer; never using a rolling pin. However, twirling it in the air to oxygenate the dough while belting out a Neapolitan classic might be best left to the professional pizzaioli.

However, pizza star Franco Pepe prefers to use his own home-grown heirloom tomatoes. These days, at some farms, the gentle beasts receive massages and listen to classic music as part of their routine to produce the tastiest milk around. And as with any pastime, pizza-making involves a bit of trial and error. Mistakes and all, the whole process — along with getting to enjoy the final result — is all part of the fun.

The True Neapolitan Pizza Association is holding a free contest called VeraPizzaContest for pizza makers amateur and professionals alike to see who makes the best pizza designed and made at home. Entries close on 20 April.

This media cannot be played on your device. In a large bowl, dissolve the yeast in the cold tap water, and then mix in about two-thirds of the flour with a big spoon until a creamy consistency is formed. Mix in the salt, and then the remaining flour a little bit at a time. Continue to mix until all the flour has been absorbed. Knead energetically with your hands by folding the dough and pushing it inwards.

'Do you feel lucky, punk?': Famous movie quotes you always get wrong revealed

When the dough is smooth and no longer has lumps, let it rest for minutes. Place dough inside an oiled baking tin and cover, and then allow it to rest and rise for hours at room temperature. It should be no more than 3mm thick. Cover and let rest for another 3 hours. Move pizza to the top rack of the oven and bake for another minutes, adding drained mozzarella if using only in the last minutes.

Other ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and basil should be added at the end of cooking. Place already-prepared dough onto a baking sheet and lightly press flat. Add oregano and a trickle of olive oil. Culinary Roots at Home is a BBC Travel series that looks at trending recipes and traces their origins, offering the story behind the dish as well as easy tips on how to make them.

Travel Menu. Untold America. Share on Facebook.The band's current lineup consists of Steve Lukather guitars and vocals and Joseph Williams vocalsas well as touring musicians, John Pierce bass and vocalsRobert "Sput" Searight drumsDominique "Xavier" Taplin keyboards and vocalsSteve Maggiora keyboards and vocals and Warren Ham horns and backing vocals. Paich and Jeff Porcaro had played together as session musicians on several albums and decided to form a band.

The band enjoyed great commercial success in the late s and s, beginning with the band's eponymous debut released in With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Toto IVToto became one of the best-selling music groups of their era. Widely known for the Top 5 hits " Hold the Line ", " Rosanna ", and " Africa ", the makeup of the group continued to evolve.

Hungate left in ; Kimball left inbut rejoined the band inleaving again in Jeff Porcaro died in of a heart attack. Hungate rejoined Toto as a touring musician and later a band member. InLukather announced his departure from the band, and the remaining band members later went their separate ways. In the summer ofToto reformed and went on a short European tour, with a new lineup, to benefit Mike Porcarowho had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS and was no longer an active member of the band.

He died in Toto announced an extended hiatus following the final leg of their 40th anniversary tour in In Octoberthe band announced that guitarist and founding member Steve Lukather and longtime vocalist Joseph Williams would return to touring as Toto in the "Dogz of Oz" tour, and in a livestreamed concert on November 21st due to the COVID pandemic.

Toto has released 14 studio albums, and has sold over 40 million records worldwide. The members of Toto were regulars on albums by Steely Dan[5] Seals and Crofts[6] Boz Scaggs[7] Sonny and Cher[8] and many others, contributing to many of the most popular records of the s.

Having played on many sessions with drummer Jeff Porcaro the son of session percussionist Joe Porcarowhom he met while attending Grant High Schoolwhere they formed the band Rural Still Life, Paich began to discuss seriously with Porcaro the possibility of them forming their own band.

They brought in bassist and fellow session veteran David Hungatehaving played with him in the backing band for Scaggs.

In addition, the duo asked fellow Grant High School students, guitarist Steve Lukather who also played in Scaggs's band as a replacement for Les Dudek and Jeff Porcaro's brother Steve Porcaro keyboards to join the team. With the addition of former S. Fools singer Bobby Kimballthe group began to work on their first album in after signing with Columbia Records.

Once the band came together, David Paich began composing what would become the eponymous debut album, Toto. According to popular myth, at the first recording sessions, in order to distinguish their own demo tapes from other bands' in the studio, Jeff Porcaro wrote the word "Toto" on them. In the early s, band members told the press that the band was named after Toto the dog from The Wizard of Oz. David Hungate, after viewing the name on the demo tapes, explained to the group that the Latin words "in toto" translated to "all-encompassing.

After its release, Toto climbed the charts quickly, earning popularity with the hit single " Hold the Line ", as well as the charting " I'll Supply the Love " and " Georgy Porgy ", featuring Cheryl Lynn. Shortly thereafter, in earlyToto embarked on their first American tour in support of the debut album.

See the "Tour Musicians" section below. At the close of the first tour, the band began work on their next album, titled Hydrawhich was released later that year and featured the single " 99 ", inspired by George Lucas ' cult film THX Although the album Hydra failed to achieve the commercial success of Toto's first release, it still went gold.

Following the album's release, the band set out on the "Hydra Tour", which featured both American and international dates. The tour lasted from February until June This song won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year at the ceremony.

It is regarded for drummer Jeff Porcaro 's half-time shufflecommonly known as the "Rosanna shuffle". The song was written by David Paich, who has said that the song is based on numerous girls he had known. As a joke, the band members initially played along with the common assumption that the song was based on Rosanna Arquettewho was dating Toto keyboard player Steve Porcaro at the time and coincidentally had the same name.

The drum pattern is known as a " half-time shuffle ", and shows "definite jazz influence", [7] featuring ghost notes and derived from the combination of the Purdie shuffleLed Zeppelin drummer John Bonham 's shuffle on " Fool in the Rain ", and the Bo Diddley beat. The overlapping keyboard solos in the middle were created by David Paich and Steve Porcaro recording a multitude of keyboard lines some of which were cut from the final recording using a Micro-Composer, a MinimoogYamaha CSsProphetsa Hammond organand a GS1, among other instruments.

According to Lukather, this final instrumental section was a spontaneous jam during the recording session: " Steve Porcaro and Lukather describe it as "the ultimate Toto track". The West Side Story -inspired video was directed by Steve Barron and set in a stylized urban streetscape, with Rosanna represented by a dancer whose bright red dress contrasts with the gray surroundings.

The band plays within a chain-link fence enclosure. Cynthia Rhodes is featured as the lead dancer Rosanna, which led to her being cast in Staying Alive the following year. Swayze and Rhodes later starred together in the movie Dirty Dancing. The video uses the album version of the song, instead of the single edit. Despite not playing on the actual recording, new bassist Mike Porcaro brother of Jeff and Steve appears in the video, as original Toto bass player David Hungate left before the video was made.

Lenny Castro is also featured with the band as a percussionist. InAmerican rock band Weezer released a cover of the track to poke fun at an attempt by fans to get them to cover " Africa ", another song by Toto. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song by Toto. Singles Chart [14] 12 U. Billboard Hot 2 U. Billboard Adult Contemporary 17 U. May 31, Retrieved July 31, Toto Interview on YouTube.

Retrieved June 15, Rolling Stone : 17, Retrieved 17 October Drums for Dummiesp. Consequence of Sound. Retrieved July 30, Australian Chart Book — Australian Chart Book. Retrieved 25 May Retrieved December 25, Retrieved 10 December Australian Recording Industry Association.There were so many experiences that felt like a peak experience in my lifeThank you.

What a beautiful, vast, diverse country. Nordic Visitor ensured we had all the advice needed to tailor-make the holiday to our exact interests and abilities.

We took our two youngest children and they were accounted for in suggestions of things to do and see. We all had a fantastic time. This is the first time that we have ever used a tour company. Usually we fly somewhere, rent a car, and plan all of our excursions ourselves. We were very impressed with the accommodations, service, and level of professionalism that was shown us. We appreciated having the hotels pre-arranged and each day sketched out for us-it really helped us relax knowing that we knew where we were staying that night and what we were doing the next day.

We did not experience one single hiccup or problem during the entire trip-no missed connections, lost reservations, etc. You guys did a fantastic job.

toto today lucky number

I feel as if we had a much better time in Iceland and saw much more than if we had planned it all ourselves. The Nordic Visitor website is one of the best travel websites out there.

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All in all, a marvelous 12 days.

The economics of PET recycling

Thanks, Nordic Visitor, and Alexandra. Norway Grand Tour was excellent.

toto today lucky number

The hotels booked were wonderful and the service was great. The whole experience with Nordic exceeded expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Nordic visitor made everything stress-free. It was great to be able to pick up our rental car and check into accommodations, simply by handing them our reservation paper. All accommodations were very clean, comfortable, great breakfasts and most had a beautiful Norway view.We also enjoyed the trip to Isfjord Radio, our wonderful guide Harri, and the great meals they served.

Our 2 hour maxibus trip around Longyearbyen the day we arrived was a good introduction to the area. We made 2 changes to the package tour itinerary, and they ended up being the best parts of the trip. The first was a hike to Trollsteinen, which we included in our itinerary from the beginning, and it was amazing (for those who love to hike). The second was a change we made at the last minute. On our last day we were signed up for an ATV trip, but it would have been to basically the same place we had seen the first day on the maxibus trip.

We heard about a 10-hour boat trip to Pyramiden and Nordenskjoldbreen and booked it the night before. We loved this trip, with all we learned and the opportunity to see more of Spitsbergen.

It added so much to our Svalbard experience, and we were so grateful we added this in.

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Toto (band)

All of the hotels were well located and clean -having GPS in the car rental was well worth it and made getting into the cities so much easier -being picked up upon arrival at the airport is a great service after having spent so many hours in transit.

A long sought after vacation resulted in a fascinating experience, and this result must also be credited to the careful preparation and to the friendly professional assistance of your consultants.

On site, the service was impeccable under all aspects. We still did it all. The quality of the tour guide, Hinrik, added an additional magic to the stunning landscape of Iceland. Playful and intriguing story telling, deep historical and geological knowledge and lots of fun. It created a wonderful dynamic for the group and inspired everyone to not just look but to also engage with Iceland. It was a bonus that we also saw the Aurora. Currently, people are talking about a one way ticket to Mars - I 'd say try Iceland first.

You did a fabulous job, considering we gave you very little time to prepare the itinerary, in high season. Sindre Matthiasson was excellent. He was quick to provide a response to any questions I had and I found him to be very accommodating regarding my requests. Iceland is a destination unlike any of the others we have visited. Given the remote nature of parts of the country and the possibility of weather related issues I found the service that Nordic Visitor provided enabled us to enjoy our adventure freely with a minimum of anxiety.

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